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The Systems and Control group, formed in 1977, is a unique interdisciplinary program in the country that offers post-graduate education in the broad area of Systems and Control. The Ten faculty members of the group have varied research backgrounds, that includes nonlinear control, robotics, path-planning, embedded control, coordination of autonomous vehicles, multi-agent systems, game theory, information theory, combinatorics, sliding mode control and applications, fractional-order modelling and control, optimization and optimization-based control, and stochastic processes. Other faculty members of the institute with an interest in the field also participate in the activities of the group. The alumni of the group are employed in many reputed academic institutes, ISRO/DRDO and research laboratories, and corporate R & D units of the country.


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Clarification/Revision in the PG rule (R.4.16 & MR.2.2.5) "Use of NPTEL/SWAYAM courses towards the partial completion of regular academic curriculum (e.g. upto 12 credits)."

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News and Recent Events
[06 Sept 21]: Talk by Bidesh Das from Institute of Mathematics of the Polish Academy of Sciences on Time-optimal control of a two peakon collision was held as part of SysConTalks
[09 Aug 21]: Talk by Arnab Roy from the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences on Control and Stabilization Aspects of Fluid-structure Interaction Models was held as part of SysConTalks
[27 Jul 21]: Talk by Prof. Lee DeVille from the Department of Mathematics, UIUC on Consensus on simplicial complexes was held as part of SysConTalks
[05 Jul 21]: Talk by Tobias Sutter from the EPFL, Switzerland on A General Framework for Optimal Data-Driven Optimization was held as part of SysConTalks
[15 Jun 21]: Talk by Suryanarayana Sankagiri from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign on The robustness of blockchains to network delays was held as part of SysConTalks
[09 Jun 21]: Talk by Dr. Sebin Gracy, Post-Doctoral Researcher at KTH Royal Institute of Technology on Networked Systems: Analysis and Mitigation Strategies for Epidemics, and Security of Cyber-Physical Systems
[31 May 21]: Talk by Anuj Vora, PhD student at SysCon on Information Extraction from a Strategic Sender was held as part of SysConTalks
[28 May 21]: Lecture Series on Sparsity Methods for Systems and Control was taken by Masaaki Nagahara, The University of Kitakyushu, Japan from 12th - 28th May 2021 as part of SysConTalks
[24 Mar 21]: Talk by Gugan Thoppe on Online Algorithms for Estimating Change Rates of Webpages was held as part of SysConTalks
[12 Nov 20]: Three of our students, Ashmita Roy, Siddhartha Ganguly, and Souvik Das have received the PMRF for May 2020.
[8 Jun 20]: Article by Dr. Karmvir Singh Phogat who worked with Prof. Ravi Banavar and Prof Debasish Chatterjee during his doctoral studies, is one of the three papers to receive the Automatica Paper Prize for the years 2018-2020.

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